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We Bring Old Floors to Life

No matter how well you take care of your hardwood floor, it will degrade over time and begin to look dinged and scuffed. There are also times when the problems you encounter are worse than a bit of wear and tear.

For situations like these, turn to Affordable Custom Flooring. We are experts in hardwood flooring refinishing in Columbus, OH. Our team also provides hardwood restoration services to bring back the pristine beauty and quality of your floor. Whether your floor needs a minor touch-up or a complete repair, we have you covered. In addition, we handle hardwood flooring installation projects.

Benefits of Refinishing

Standard refinishing is typically enough to address the concerns of 80% of hardwood floor owners. Some companies say they can refurbish and restore your floor in less than a day. However, their process is not a complete refinish, so the resulting shine will not last as long. Exceptional hardwood flooring refinishing happens in three steps:

Sanding – The older, worn layer of wood at the top is removed to reveal newer, undamaged wood below.

Staining – Although this is an optional step, it is ideal for making the floor’s color look new again.

Refinishing – A layer of polyurethane is applied to seal in the new, refreshed floor, adding lustrous shine.

As a trusted name in hardwood flooring refinishing, our company is committed to making your floor look the best it has ever been.

Imagine the Possibilities

Say goodbye to worn floors that are past their prime. Bring back the beauty of your hardwood flooring by choosing our highly trained technicians.

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Your house should be a comfortable and stylish place to rest and socialize. Whether you want to replace your floors or update their look, contact us to speak with one of our hardwood flooring refinishing and restoration professionals. Our flooring services will make you see your home in an entirely different way.