Hardwood Refinishing

Only the Best Refinishing Solutions for Your Home

Bring Old Floors to Life

Bring Old
Floors to Life

Whether your floor needs a fresh touch up or a complete repair, hardwood refinishing is necessary for most hardwood floors from time to time. Even in the best conditions, hardwood wears over time and begins to look scuffed and dinged.

Sometimes the problem is worse than a little bit of wear and tear, and when that’s the case, refinishing isn’t enough. Hardwood restoration does what it sounds like it should: it restores the quality and beauty of your floor. Affordable Custom Flooring can provide the refinishing or restoration your hardwood floor needs.

Benefits of Refinishing

For 80% of hardwood floor owners, the standard refinishing will be enough to restore the beauty of older hardwood floors. While some companies offer to refurbish and restore shine in less than a day, keep in mind that their process is not a full refinish and will not last as long. A good hardwood refinishing happens in three steps:

Imagine the Possibilities

Whichever hardwood refinishing service you need, Affordable Custom Flooring in Columbus wants you to see your hardwood floor looking beautiful again!